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Majority of the mdr isolates were resistant to ampicillin 78 and cotrimoxazole 65.

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Cass gonococcal inction with a suspctd lsion syphilis should hav dakild xaminations uling out syphilis bciving ampicillin. Patints whdnot hav suspctd lsions syphilis and a tatd with ampicillin should hav a ollow- up sologic tst syphilis ach month ou months tdtct syphilis that may hav bn maskd om tatmnt gonoha.

Oth: Oth advs actions that hav bn potd with th us at ampicillin a layngal stid and high v. An occasional patint may complain smouth tongu as with any oal pnicillin ppaation.

Polongd us antibiotics may pomot th ovgowth nonsuscptibl oganisms, including ungi. Should supinction occu, appopiat masus should b takn. Patints with gonoha whalshav syphilis should b givn additional appopiat pantal pnicillin tatmnt. Tatmnt with ampicillin dos not pclud th nd sugical pocdus, paticulaly in staphylococcal inctions.

Gam-Positiv: stains alpha- and bta-hmolytic stptococci, Stptococcus pnumonia , thos stains staphylococci, which dnot poduc pnicillinas, Clostidium sp., Bacillus anthacis, Coynbactium xoss , and most stains ntacocci.

Gnalizd sizus hav bn dscibd in 2 patints duing tatmnt with ampicillin, although in both cass, th w undlying disas actos that may hav pdisposd th patints tsizu activity.

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clindac clindamycin is also incompatible with aminophylline, ampicillin sodium, barbiturates, calcium gluconate, magnesium sulphate, and phenytoin sodium.